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We are excited to enter the world of parties! You can pick one of our party packages listed below, or customize your own. Brainstorm is open to all ages! Pricing depends on the package, number of participants, and time.

We look forward to celebrating with you.

Please email us at: c.nassar@gobrainstorm.org

  • LEGO

How can we communicate with LEGOS? In this party we will work together to complete challenges, create different forms of art, tell stories, and construct masterpieces with...LEGOS!

*Each child will take home a pack of LEGO challenge cards.

  • Selfie Portraits

How did people take selfies before smartphones? In this party we will explore and learn about different artists and their signature styles. Children will create a self-portrait inspired by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Roy Lichtenstein, or Jim Henson.

*Each child will take home their selfie portrait!*


  • Scientific Artists

How can we apply the scientific method to art? In this party we will follow the scientific method with preplanned art experiments, each child will record their own hypothesis, then conduct the experiment in groups. Children will then get to brainstorm their very own experiment with the provided materials.

*Each child will take home their scientific notebook


  • Fairy Tale Engineers

How could you change the fate of a fairy tale or nursery rhyme by engineering the story differently? In this party we will work in groups to rework a fairy tale through STEM activities. Pick a fairy tale/nursery rhyme, identify the problem in the story, brainstorm ideas to solve/prevent the problem, use materials to experiment with your ideas, share with the group. *Each child will take home a copy of their reconstructed fairy tale.*

  • Humpty Dumpty: Prevent Humpty Dumpty from falling off the wall; Protect Humpty Dumpty during his fall

  • Goldilocks and the Three bears: Create a trap for Goldilocks (Rube Goldberg machines)

  • The Three Little Pigs: Build a house to keep out the Big Bad Wolf

  • Jack and the Beanstalk: Help Jack escape the giant (plan and build a way out of the giant’s world quickly that the giant can’t use)

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